Meeting Requirements: Please contact the parish office (02 9546 2605) [email protected] and make an appointment. Require a copy of the birth certificate (original for sighting) of the child and a copy of a baptism certificate of one parent and one god parent.

Please complete these forms and bring it to the initial baptism meeting:

Baptism Times: Baptism is always on a Sunday soon after the 8:00am mass at St Raphael’s Church or soon after the 10:00am mass at Mater Dei Church.

At least a week prior to the Baptism, the parents and child are to attend a “Welcoming Ceremony” at one of our weekend masses (Godparents are not required to attend) or the “Welcoming Ceremony” can be done on the same day as the baptism at the start of the mass (if your child is able to wait for the mass).

Please bring a candle at the Baptism ceremony. Candles are available at the Parish office if you would like to purchase.

If none of the parents are a Catholic then they can do a Rites of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) course which could take about 6 months before their child can be baptised. Please contact the Parish Office for more information.

Please note that the Code of Canon Law requires Godparents to be Catholic, 16 years or older. Only a Catholic can support and guide those being baptised in the Catholic faith. If in extreme cases a non Catholic is asked to sponsor the child they will be listed as a witness. Please talk to the priest regarding Godparents.

If families do not reside within Parish boundaries, they must contact their own Parish for a “Permission to Baptise in another Parish” letter as a courtesy. This letter is attached to the Registration Form. We warmly welcome families from other parishes provided they have permission from their Parish Priest.

Bookings for the Information Meeting, Welcoming Ceremony and Baptism must be arranged with the Parish Office (02 9546 2605). Please allow 2 month’s notice for a baptism.